Taste of NE Philly

Father Judge High School hosted the 10th Annual Taste of NE Philly on Saturday, October 6th.  Approximately 500 people attended to sample food and beverage selections from nearly 100 vendors.  Love Brewing Company was invited to share a table with our friends from The Grey Lodge Pub.

The event was a BYOB but did have beverage offerings from a few local pubs and distributors.  We offered three of our microbrews: Pumpkin Ale, Mango IPA and the Hefeweizen.  With it being the fall season, the Pumpkin Ale was quite a hit. Instead of pouring the beer off a traditional faucet, we elected to use our stout faucet and pour it off nitrous.  This enhanced the mouth feel giving it the creamy, pumpkin pie texture combined with the flavor.  One patron even mentioned, “We had the Dogfish Pumpkin before we came and this one is better!”

The Mango IPA and Hefe were also hits with folks.  When patrons stopped by to ask what we had to offer, we asked what they were used to drinking.  Those without a refined palete indicating traditional American Lagers as their beer of choice, we offered the Hefe.  Much to their delight, they were pleased with the beer and kept coming back for more.  We may have created a few converts — Changing people’s beer one pour at a time!

Overall, it was a successful event.  We ended up killing 25 gallons of beer and helping host a successful event.  We made some new friends and shared our craft beer with the masses.  This was our first organized pouring exhibition but definitely won’t be our last!


We participated in the beer garden along with The Grey Lodge and Three Monkeys.


Dave setting up the CO2 and Nitrous for the kegs. We used a randall “Cunningham” filled with fresh mangos for our Mango IPA.


Dave and Shaw prepped and ready to pour our delicious beers.


Scoats and Marty from The Grey Lodge ready to pour.


The group from L-R: Marty, Jason, Rob, Shaw and Dave





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