Richardson Hop Farm Project

Over the weekend Love Brewing Company took a trip to Virginia to start our Hop Farm Project. We are hoping our project will yield a positive result and we will hopefully expand it in the future. We will update over time with pictures and the progress of our mini-hop farm experiment.


The land where the hop project will begin.


Found the plot of land where we decided would be best for hop growth and started to till the soil.


Our plot is slowly coming along.

We dug out 3 foot holes to anchor 4 foot rebar, then surrounded it with 1 1/2 pvc cut to 5 foot lengths. We then filled the pvc with sand to secure it.


Here we have our upper frames laid out with twine run between them. These will serve as the climbing points for our hops.


Once we had all the twine runs in place, we erected the structure.  Filled the holes with sand for more rigidity and tied the corners down to secure the posts.


The finished structure with twine for the hops to climb up as well as twine for the arms to sprout out across. We will keep you update on the progress of our little experiment, we hope to have more pictures up within the next couple weeks.


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