Pliny the Younger @ “The Grey Lodge”

This posting is a little late but i am going to post it anyway because it’s Pliny the Younger and it is awesome!


Back on March 8th The Grey Lodge held a Pliny the Younger tasting, one of the most anticipated beers of the year. Luckily enough we were able to get our hands on some.


The placard for one of the best beers around.


8oz. of pure hoppy goodness…..BUT OH NOOOO A SPILL!


Not to worry. I’ll take care of it. No Pliny left behind.


Now to drink like a normal human, note the pinky extension for classiness.


All gone, so a trip to the bathroom was in order. What’s that? The Love Brewing decal is still in the same spot unharmed a year later. Awesome!


And of course, one of the greatest quotes about beer ever.


All in all it was a good night, and even after the Pliny kicked (in about 20 minutes by the way) a keg of 2008 Brooklyn Monster Barleywine was put on tap which was very delicious.  We even got to chat with Scoats (the grey lodge owner) about Pliny and some other beers for a little while. He’s a really nice guy and will talk beer all night long. I know i am a little biased because i go there all the time, but the grey lodge is my favorite beer bar in the city, great low key atmosphere and the rotating taps always offer something great to be had. If you haven’t been there, i highly recommend it. Oh, and get yourself a lodge steak while you’re there.

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