Philly Beer Week

Philly Beer Week


Philly beer week started off for me at Hop Angel Brauhaus.


Luckily the Hammer Of Glory was waiting for me when i got there.


Got my picture taken with the hammer of glory.


After a pint of delicious Paulaner Hefeweisse they closed up shop and started the handoff ceremony of the hammer.


The classy automobile in which they toured the rest of the city on the way to Independence Hall for the ceremonial first tap.


Ms. Hammer in all of her Glory.


Off they went on their next stop to The Grey Lodge

And off I went to my next stop to Capone’s for the Hill Farmstead tasting.


I arrived to a glass of Hill Farmstead Abner already at my table.

It was very tasty, strong pine and citrus notes throughout.


Next up was Hill Farmstead Double Citra IPA and East End Gratitude Barleywine.

The Double Citra was very nice, definite abundance of Citrus notes.

The East End Gratitude was very malty, strong dark fruit flavors, figs, raisins, prunes. Very sweet malty barleywine with no real noticeable hop bitterness.


Lastly, we had (from left to right) more Abner, behind the abner is Hill Farmstead Art, a barrel-aged saison.

Next was Hill Farmstead Anna, a honey saison, which was very nice.

The darkest beer, next in line is Hill Farmstead Genealogy, an Imperial Stout.

Last but surely not least, Russian River Pliny the Elder.


Draught Horse Homebrew Competition

15 Entries all wheat-based beers, ranging from Belgian Wits to German Hefeweisse to Dunkelweisse.


Our two entries were a Kiwi Hefeweisse which we called Killer Kiwi

And a German Hefeweisse which we called Wheat You Talkin’ Bout Willis.

Here are the labels for those beers.


Here i am pouring samples of the Wheat You Talkin’ Bout Willis to patrons of the bar. And if you’re asking yourself where you can get one of those cool t-shirts, they’ll soon be for sale on the website.


Here is Jason discussing the finer points of Killer Kiwi with some of the fellow contestants.



And drumroll please….. Alas, we didn’t take the top prize. But Wheat You Talkin’ Bout Willis came in a respectable 3rd place and Killer Kiwi came in 1/3 of a point behind it in 4th place. We didn’t win the plaque but we did get some cool phillybeerscene swag. That puts Love Brewing at 2 out of 3 at placing in homebrew contests. We’re hoping to add more ribbons to that total in September at

Malt Madness

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