Fermentation Chamber

*This DIY will go over how to assemble and hook up an STC-1000 two-stage aquarium temperature controller to a freezer and turn it into a Fermentation Chamber.

(*DISCLAIMER, do not play with electrical items unless you are trained to do so. Improperly assembling this item can cause injury or death. I take no responsibility for this and it is merely a guide.)



First you need to start out with everything you’ll need to assemble the temperature controller.

15A 3-prong extension cord

15-amp dual outlet

Outlet plate cover

6×6 project box(from radioshack)

STC-1000 (temperature controller)

Wire nuts

Electrical tape(not pictured)


Here is the wiring layout we used. The power side was split three ways between the power for the device and power to both switches. The Neutral was run to the outlet then from the outlet to the neutral on the controller. The Red indicates the power lines after the switch which will control either the freezer or the heating element.

First we cut out the hole where we will be mounting the STC-1000 in the project box.


Next, we split the power wire into three using a wire nut.


Then we wire the power wires into their respective ports on the temperature controller.


After that we hooked up the neutral wires to the outlet then to the controller as well as the ground wire to the outlet.



As you can see we left the tab in tact so the neutral travels through both outlets.


Once you have all that wired up, you just need to decide which outlet you’d like for cold side and which you’ll like for hot. Make sure you break the tab on the power side so you have two separate outlets.


Once you have all the wiring completed you can plug it in and see if it’s working.


The finished product.

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