Growing Hops

Growing Hops



Hop plants update:



Here is a DIY of how to grow your own hops without having to put them in the ground.

Depending upon how many rhizomes you plan on planting this is what you will need.

1-18 gallon plastic tub

1-rhizome of your choice

and roughly 1.5cu ft. of potting soil


Here we have two 18 gallon tubs with the lids so the water will drain but not leak onto the floor.


I chose to buy potting mix and some top soil for a good mix. I used roughly 3 cu ft. for two tubs.


Drill or poke a few holes in the bottom of the tub for proper drainage.


These are two Hallertau Rhizomes, i was told there is a better chance of growing if you plant two identical rhizomes together.


You want to make sure the rhizomes are facing upward and plant them about 2-3 inches below the surface of the soil. Then very lighty cover up the hole in which they were planted.


Here is the finished product, now we wait.


I will post updates as they grow.

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