Berliner Weisse

This is the first attempt at a sour beer for Love Brewery hopefully it won’t be the last.

First we start off by getting our mash tun ready and the brew pot filled with enough water for mashing and sparging.


Using the heat stick and the stove we heat the water to around 170 degrees.

We’ll lose a little bit of heat transferring the water to the mash tun.


We mash in making sure to stir the grains in well. Once we’ve reached our desired mash temperature we throw the lid on and let the malts do their thing.


After an hour of sitting in the mash tun we extract the first runnings.


After sparging to get our boil volume we combine all the runnings and bring them to a boil in our boil pot., and because this is a berliner weisse it only requires a short boil time. Berliner Weisse’s generally have a very low bitterness, so there is no need for a long boil to extract more bitterness from hops. Some Berliner Weisse’s don’t even boil at all and use a long open mash to encourage wild yeast to form. But we had a special yeast/lacto blend from White Labs so we chose to boil.

The special Berliner Weisse Blend from White Labs


After the boil we cooled the wort and we pitched our special blend of yeast/lactobacillus.


After 24 hours we had a nice vigorous fermentation


A nice up close shot of the fermentation


After about 2 days the yeast has slowed and the lactobacillus has started taking over.


Updates will be posted along the way to show the progress of the beer as this one is going to take a few months.

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