This is the latest of the high gravity brews here at Love Brewing Company.

First we start off by measuring our grains according to the grain bill for the recipe.

You can see the mix of different grains according to their color. Look at the difference in darkness between the chocolate malt and caramel malt.

After we’ve weighed out our grain bill we’re ready to mill our grains. We use a power drill because its quicker and much easier on our arms rather than using a hand crank.

Our grain bill nice and crushed, ready for mashing.

For this beer we decided to do a two stage mash, of 152F for 50 min. and then step up to a 156F mash for 20 min.

Here we are collecting our first runnings for the barleywine. Its already got a great looking color.

This is our pre-boil gravity (before we added the brown sugar). As you can see we’re at about 19.4 in brix % which equates to roughly 1.078.

This is the half pound of brown sugar that will be added to the boil.

A nice rolling boil thanks to our heatstick.

After the boil we try to cool as quickly as possible down to yeast pitching temperatures. This time we used our newly made counterflow chiller.

Pitched our yeast and after about 6 hours we had a nice steady active fermentation.

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