Barley Creek Brewery

Barley Creek Brewing, the latest adventure for the Love Brewing Crew.  A nice little brewpub Located in Tannersville.


The view from the outside of the brewpub, you can notice if you look closely the lager fermentation room through the big window. To the right is the 10bbl brew kettle which we’ll see closer in a minute.


Here is how they receive they’re mail. Sadly there was no beer inside, no wonder postal workers are so angry.


We hopped on the tour run by head brewer Joe Percoco, very knowledgeable and great insight into the brewing process. He even pointed out our Love Brewing T-shirt which he seemed to like very much. We let him know that they are available here at in our store.  Here is the brew kettle as described in the previous photo. It is 10bbl(~310 gallons) and all of the brews are done through this kettle.


Next we take a look at the mash tun which is situated in close proximity to the kettle. You can see they have a thermometer mounted on the side as well as a sight glass running up the side of the mash tun.


Here is a nice shot of their grain mill, i would estimate that hopper probably has a 50 lb. capacity.


This room houses all of the ale fermenters, where all of the beers are stored and tapped from. All of the beer that is on tap upstairs runs right from the fermenters through the lines and up through the ceiling to your glass.

We stopped at the bar to grab some food along with some beers after the tour, they have a dedicated Sushi bar at Barley Creek with multiple varieties of sushi available.


At the end of the tour we were given samples of their 4 house beers which were in the tall serving glasses at the top.


From left to right (in the serving glasses):

Wanderlust chocolate porter

Antler Brown ale (although it’s empty)

Angler Black Lager

Navigator Golden Ale

We also were able to sample the following which are scattered amongst the bar:

Rescue IPA

Winterfest Lager

Super Hop Triple IPA

Mocha Stout

The two favorites out of the bunch were the Mocha Stout, and the Chocolate Porter. The Mocha Stout had a nice medium mouthfeel, with definite roast and coffee flavors and aroma. The chocolate porter was lighter, with a light roast flavor and pronounced cocoa. All in all it was a very nice little brewpub, except for the New York Mets signage of course.



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