1st Annual Love Brewing Beer Tasting

This was the first of hopefully many beer events for the future.


Part of the Love Brewing crew before the festivities. Enjoying some delicious guest beers.


Our First Pre-tasting beer comes courtesy of Midcalbrew. Framboise for a Cure from Russian River Brewing. The base for the this beer comes from Russian River Temptation. It is then aged with raspberries. It was absolutely delicious, nice and tart with raspberry flavor throughout the beer.


Prepping the beers for the tasting. Have to make sure everything stays somewhat cool.


Here we have the tables set up for the tasting glasses and our palate cleansers. They consisted of fresh french bread, crackers, and pretzels. Along with some aged sharp cheddar for pairing and a tray of 2 different types of freshly made hummus and handmade pita.


Here we have the placers for two of the 8 beers on tap. Wheat you talkin’ bout Willis, a German-style Hefeweisse as well as Busty Blonde, our American Blonde Ale.


Up next, two of the apparent favorites of the night. Our Chocolate stout, and our Citrus IPA.  Both received rave reviews.


Next up we have our strawberry shortcake, which also scored fairly well amongst our tasters.


And of course last but not least, Mint Chocolate Stout and Pumpkin ale. These two also did fairly well. The mint chocolate more so than the pumpkin.

The first wave of tasters enjoying their samples.


Here is Jason explaining some of the finer points of Love Brewing’s beers and playing bartender.





We’d like to thank our special guest “Scoats” from the Grey Lodge & Hop Angel for attending our tasting. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did and we look forward to the next event. Hopefully we will soon have an idea of a timeframe and some more details on another Love Brewing tasting.


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